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Buch “Gib mir mal die Hautfarbe”


Comic “Supa lonely”

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Risofort “Ausmalbuch”


Riso-gedrucktes Ausmalbuch mit 13 Motiven verschiedener Künstler*innen
mit Perforationen zum Ausreißen

kuratiert und gedruckt von Risofort



Printed solely in black (+ a 2-color cover), this golden-yellow-coiled book comes with a complicated title and yet a simple to-do: Color it!

13 artists contributed their interpretation of the theme in drawings, looking at the Nothings and Somethings, the Shoulds and Should-nots, making space for the reader/pen-holder to contribute to (or eliminate?) the left-out areas.

Each page is perforated at the edges and can be easily torn out and put on a wall or shared with others. In fact, you receive 13 canvases that show something where there should be nothing and show nothing where there should be something, creating a multitude of weird and eerie drawings.


Urška Alič
Julia Boehme
Nina Buchner
Nikita Bürger
Dominik Dabrowski
Markus Färber
Theresa Hattinger
Svenja Kirsch
Lisi Pressl
Zsófia Rumi
João Silvestre
Edda Strobl
Hannah Van Der Weide

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